• Many good ideas but no good suppliers?
    You’ve come to the right place!

  • We take full responsibility, from the drawing board to the factory and then out to your customers.

  • Our services are used by everything from the world’s leading car manufacturers to innovative companies in the retail business.

  • So, how can we help you?


Product Development

It all starts with a great idea…

We will help you with product development and we have expertise in mechanics, electronics, textile, wood, plastic, printing and design.

  • 100% Customer Focus
    We have deliberately chosen to offer a broad set of general skills, in order to be unbiased and completely customer focused. All our suppliers have special expertise in their area, and are involved as early as the development phase. Often, so are our customers own or external designers.

    We know that the best solutions are made in collaborations and our objective is to ensure that they are finished and delivered in time for the right price.

    The tools we use are SolidWorks as 3D CAD and PDM system, and Adobe Creative Suite for graphic production.

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Initially a new product is made in a limited edition to ensure that it meets all requirements.

  • Before the start of a serial production, we produce prototypes. The purpose of the prototype is to ensure that the product has the expected properties. It’s easier to evaluate the appearance, durability, functionality and the feel of a prototype rather than looking at a model or just by looking at the screen. If the prototype shows that we need to revaluate the product, we make a new prototype.

    Typical of prototypes is that they sometimes are produced by a different production technique but with the right materials and the right scale.

    When possible, we also use 3D-printing to verify the appearance and function.

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We aim for an overall service level that meets your requirements, price, flexibility and delivery time and at the same time keeping capital tied up in inventory low.

  • We offer manufacturing with several alternative service levels. The goal is to offer a good overall service level that meets your demands for flexibility and delivery time while capital tied up in inventory is kept low. This is made possible by having finished and semi-finished products and keeping buffer stock of raw materials and components.

    We select our suppliers with care
    Most of our components are manufactured by subcontractors, specialist in their field. We carefully choose partners, ensuring both quality and environmental issues such as ethics and working conditions. The suppliers are mostly located in our region and around our facility near Poznan in Poland. We also buy a lot of components in Asia and favor Indonesia, which we believe is an exciting country with good opportunities to find suppliers with acceptable ethical and environmental conditions.

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It’s just in us and we’ll gladly take it all the way to your customer.

  • Brigo has a stable yet flexible platform to manage packages and freight as well as mailings and market adjustments. Our systems are integrated with several carriers, currently, TNT, DHL, Schenker and UPS, and we ship daily freight and parcels worldwide.

    To let us take care of the logistics comes with several advantages. We have freight insurance to cover the freight we are responsible for.  And all the goods are monitored until delivery. You also get access to our freight agreement, which gives you good prices on freight rates.

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A sometimes forgotten aspect of delivering products is the need for support, spare parts and even updates.

  • You easily order spare parts through our customer portal, where we create separate domains for each customer. Each domain can be individually graphically altered and for many customers, we have created individual “skins”.

    Support is taken care of through email and the portal. The support function can be open or require login, by choice.

    Our system manages conceptual changes as well as administers updates all the way out to your dealers. The system is built on a subscription that is activated based on what is delivered. Based on this subscription, proposals are made for orders of materials needed for the concept to be current.

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Directly connected to our business, you get access to product line-up, inventory, order history and delivery status online.

  • Our customer portal is directly connected to our business. When logged in, our customers can see the products, inventory, order history and delivery status. They can also add and manage users, delivery addresses and subsidiaries that also may order materials.

    We’ve also published product configurations, quotation functions and delivery time-estimators. These features, are easily made in order to facilitate the communication and cooperation with our customers and suppliers.

    The same platform is also used for integration, for example, transfer of orders and stock status. We love IT when it’s used intuitively. We regard IT like any other machine investment, it should generate business and customer value.

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As an automaker you are in need of solid demo- and marketing material. With our help do our customers, not only get access to correct and selling upholstery and auto color samples – we also ensure that the material immediately reaches the showrooms.


  • Brigo manufacture and supply color samples, upholstery samples, decor samples in form of binders, display materials and individual samples.

    Typical for these production projects is that the logistics is global, the tempo is high, the amount of information is very large and it requires many market adjustments (both in terms of range deviations and language translations). The car industry changes its line several times a year, which requires an updated collection of retail materials.

    Our services range from research and analysis of needs, design and layout, marketing, budgeting, procurement of raw materials, production, storage and distribution and billing.

  • Within a project, we often work directly with each country’s importer, with the support of the headquarters. We have systems to keep track of our dealers and their systems and samples. We can also analyze and predict which materials that may need to update when there are changes on the cars.

    We handle all the customers through our portal, or other preferred ways, by phone or by email. Customers can manage their network themselves, buy products, parts, or change their subscription.

    Surely, there are similar needs in other industries, and we have much to contribute in this area.

Public Environment

A large part of our turnover comes from manufacturing products that end up in offices and hotels. We manufacture screens, seats, sound-absorbing panels, pillows, puffs, larger beanbags, curtains and other textile products.


  • We punch, cut, sew and decorate, stuff, assemble, pack and deliver directly to end customers or our customers’ distribution centers. Production takes place in Poland starting from our own plant in Rostarzewo and with fantastic subcontractors in the area.

  • Worth mentioning is that we work a lot with Sunbrella fabrics and we make textile products suitable for outdoors or in environments exposed to UV light.


We usually work with our clients’ byproducts or indirect material. Materials that are customer-unique and are required, but that you can’t or don’t want to produce yourself. Proof that we’re good at what we do, is that we have a lot of production assignments for direct materials, ie materials that normally would be produced in-house but that you don’t have time for.


  • Our services in this area are:

    Product development
    Tool Development
    Pre production


    Production and assembly
    Delivery to warehouse or retail

About Us

Brigo is a service company that delivers customized products and concepts. The difference between Brigo and traditional suppliers is that Brigo always have product and customer focus. To us, the process and the materials are secondary. This allows Brigo to deliver broader product solutions that span over multiple technology areas and it also creates greater value and flexibility for our customers.




We are ISO 9001-certified

  • Our mission is to offer development, manufacturing and distribution of customized products. We offer this primarily to market-leading companies in Sweden operating internationally.

    We work by an operating system in which all employees are constantly involved in improving.



  • Our mission statement is measured and evaluated regularly in a structured way in order to affect our working methods and procedures. This is how we steer our business towards our vision and our goals.



Code of conduct

Ethics and social responsibility

We have formulated our position on ethical issues and our responsibility for sustainable entrepreneurship in a code of conduct. It describes how we behave towards our customers, suppliers, employees and society as a whole. All the staff at the company have a responsibility to ensure it is observed. We also expect our customers and suppliers to follow this code of conduct.

  • We want long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and staff. This requires us to act as a reliable partner and to live up to our undertakings.

    We observe the laws and regulations that apply in the countries in which we operate.

    We dissociate ourselves from all forms of corruption. We do not offer business partners rewards or benefits that are against the law or accepted business practice. If a supplier invites us to an event, it must be connected to our business and a manager must approve our participation. Brigo always pays for travel, board and lodging in these situations.

    We are careful about giving and receiving gifts, as these can be seen as undue influence or a bribe. Representation shall be done in moderation and respect any restrictions by the parties involved. We never offer or accept any cash gifts.

  • We follow international conventions on human rights. We do not, under any circumstances, tolerate child labour or work carried out with the use of force or threats.
    We respect the right to form or belong to trade unions and the right to negotiate collectively.

    We encourage diversity and give staff the same opportunities and treatment regardless of gender, ethnicity, marital status, sexual orientation, transgender identity, race, religion, political opinion, age or disability.

    Our work environment shall be safe and healthy and we work actively to prevent accidents and occupational injuries.

    We work continually to reduce our own environmental impact. The environmental objectives are followed up annually. We also work actively to get our customers and suppliers to choose more environmentally sustainable options when we develop products and choose production methods.



  • 2002
    Brigo was founded after midsummer by Edward Andrén and Thomas Ingvast and the company was named MLS Marketing Logistics & Service AB. Our business mission was to offer manufacturing services and to be a process and material independent alternative to traditional purchasing channels. The advantage for customers, then as now, is that they can consolidate purchasing and outsource more responsibility and save money doing this.

    The first “big” customer that accepted a business proposal was Saab Automobile in Trollhättan. We were entrusted to manufacture catalogs of paint and upholstery samples and deliver them to the central warehouse in Nyköping for further distribution to retailers throughout the world.
    This was the evidence we needed to continue investing in ourselves.

    The company moved from offices in Arendal to the Högsbo industrial area in Gothenburg. The space was more efficient with private storage and an assembly department.

    A new companion was found, Adam Kliks, who worked with one of Volvo’s suppliers in Wolsztyn, Poland. A fast start-up of a subsidiary was made during the month of July and the first deliveries from its own production in Poland to Sweden went in August the same year. The company was named Ltez Sp. z r.o.

    Time to move again. This time to our own real estate in Hisingen.

  • 2009
    This year we decided to change our businesss system. We needed something better and more advanced, something that we could use as a tool box to build new smart flows, that could work online and also allow us to work more closely with suppliers and customers. We chose Jeeves, and that we have not regretted (more than a few times). Flexible, adaptable and open to self-development.

    We kick off a marketing effort and realize that our company name has its problems. It is easily misinterpreted by phone, the domain on the Internet is not great (www.mlsab.com for those who remember). We spent a large amount of time and got help from very skilled people who came up with several suggestions for a new names that we could vote on.
    Many struggled with Christmas crafts, especially Jasminka who created a model airplane kit in gingerbread dough. We give this to our customers throughout the world as a Christmas present and get lots of praise. We also get a bit of trouble, apparently it’s not OK to send the dough to all countries in the world … All good what ends good!

    The year begins with selecting Brigo as the new company name. Which, by the way, was the very first suggestion that we received and rejected the previous fall.



We are ISO 14001-certified

  • Environmental issues are important to Brigo. Our objective is to always be perceived as and act as an environmentally focused company.

    In accordance with the national environmental objectives, our aim is to produce goods and services in a way that favors ecologically sustainable development.

    We keep ourselves updated with applicable laws and regulations. We also keep
    informed about both the requirements and developments in our business. These commitments, which are also related to the company’s environmental aspects, are regarded as a minimum standard to meet.


  • We shall keep a dialogue with our customers, suppliers and authorities in order to always be mutually informed about relevant environmental conditions.

    Our actions must constantly give improvements, be proactive and protect against pollution.

    We shall also strive for a good working environment in all our facilities.

    Our environmental goals are measured and evaluated, as well as the quality objectives. This way we ensure that Brigo’s business is constantly becoming more environmentally friendly.




Privacy policy

Privacy policy

At Brigo we care about you and in this policy we describe how we handle and process your personal data. We want you to feel comfortable and safe when you are in contact with us or use our services.

  • What is personal data and what does processing mean?
    Personal data is all information that can be used to identify a natural person. Personal data may for example be name, home address, phone number and e-mail address but is can also be other things, like IP-address or user behavior or other information that can be combined to identify a person.
    Processing of personal data includes all handling of the data; collecting, storing, analyzing and registration.

    Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?
    Our company, Brigo AB, is responsible for the processing of your personal data and that this processing is done in accordance with applicable legislation.

    How does Brigo get your personal data?
    We get personal data from you when you;

    • Sends us e-mail
    • Are in contact with our customer service
    • Visits our webpage
    • Register as a user on our customer and supplier platforms
    • Order products from us

    What are cookies and what do Brigo use it for?
    We use cookies on our websites. We use the cookies so the webserver will recognize you when you use our webpages. A cookie is a small text file that the webserver stores on your computer and that the webserver can read. This way our webpages can remember who you are when you are browsing between our webpages.
    Cookies cannot be used to get access, read information or alter information in your computer.
    Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you want to you can change the settings in your browser to deny the storage of cookies from all or specific sites.

    What kind of personal data does Brigo process?
    We process the data that you give to us, for example your name, e-mail address, phone number, address, purchases and other information that is necessary for us to fulfill our obligations to you.
    When you visit our website or log in to our customer and supplier portals on Internet we collect your IP address and the time of visit. We also use Google Analytics to get statistics on how our services are used in order to make them better.

    Why do we process your data?
    We process your personal data to;

    • Fulfill our obligations to you and deliver products and services.
    • Give you good service and provide you with efficient services for our cooperation.
    • To handle and respond to your questions in our customer service.
    • To make it possible to investigate if your login should be used by someone else.

    What give Brigo the right to process your personal data?
    Brigo has the right to process the personal data needed to fulfill our obligations to you. We might also need to process your data to fulfill other legislative requirements, such as accounting records.
    I we do not have any other legal right to process your personal data we will ask for your permission before doing so. If this happens you will get clear information about what you are consenting to.

    Who has access to your personal data?
    Your personal data is used by authorized personnel at Brigo and in some cases by our contracted sub-processors. We do not reveal your personal data unless we are required by law or are required by authorities or to protect our rights or the rights of a third party.

  • Where is your data stored and processed?
    We strive to only handle your personal data within the EU/EES. In some cases we use products and services that could lead to your personal data being transferred outside the EU/EES, if so this is only done to fulfill our obligations to you. In the cases this becomes necessary we have made sure that the suppliers used have the adequate level of protection.

    How long do we store your information?
    We do not store your information longer than needed to fulfill our obligation to you or to comply with other legislative requirements.
    We delete or anonymize personal data after three years unless it is required by other legislative requirements to be stored longer.

    How do we protect your personal data?
    At Brigo we are continuously working with assessment and improvements to protect our information systems. We take the actions, both organizational and technical, that we see appropriate to protect your personal data.

    What right do I have as a natural person?
    Keeping it short, as a natural person you have the following rights;

    You have the right to access your personal data
    We are open and transparent with how we process your personal data. If you want to know what information we process you have the right to get a statement order your personal data that we process. For us to know that you are you we need this information in writing, signed and with your contact information.

    You have the right to make corrections
    If the personal data we process is not correct you have the right to have it corrected.

    You have the right to be forgotten

    You have the right to ask us to delete your personal data. In some cases we cannot delete all personal data as we need to comply to other legislative requirements. In some cases is might be technically difficult to delete the personal data and it that case we will anonymize the information instead.

    You have the right to limit the use of personal data
    You have the right to limit the way we process your personal data.

    You have the right to make objections

    You can at any time object to the processing of your personal data if you think it is not required by a legitimate interest of Brigo.

    You have the right to move your personal data

    You have the right to get a copy of the personal data in a format that is commonly used and that is readable. You also have the right to transfer this information to another data processor.

    Who can you contact with questions regarding this?
    Contact our customer service with your questions.
    You can reach us via e-mail order@brigo.se or via telephone +46 31 891800.
    This privacy policy is valid from May 22, 2018 and is replacing all previous versions.