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We make products happen

Brigo has the knowledge, resources and processes to take your product all the way from idea to the market. In the idea phase, we work close with you to optimize business benefit. Manufacturing takes place according to a well-developed production process focusing on quality and delivery reliability. To handle orders and logistics, we offer both an internal purchasing department and digital tools, giving you complete overview of the entire product cycle. Brigo takes responsibility in every step and delivers a complete solution. In short, we will make your products happen.

Brigo Automotive

We provide the automotive industry with demo and marketing materials such as paint samples, upholstery samples, decor samples and various display materials. Several of the world’s largest car manufacturers are among our customers.

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Brigo Interior

Brigo manufactures high quality textile products for interior designers and furniture manufacturers. You can find our products in hotels, airports, restaurants, offices and in furniture stores.

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